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Cutting Board Edges and Corners

Not sure what kind of edges or corners you need?  

The main thing you need to look at is your current commercial kitchen equipment.  Is there a place to insert the cutting board in your equipment?  Does the board sit on top of your prep surface area?


Sharp Edge, Sharp Corner

Usually when the cutting board is inserted into an opening, the edges AND corners should be sharp.  This prevents any bigger openings around the edges so that food doesn't fall through.  


Bull-Nosed Edge, Sharp Corner

If your board sits on top of a surface with the edges out, you might want to consider having your edges bull-nosed or rounded.  When your edges are cut this way, it does take the sharp point out from the corner, but it is not technically "rounded".  

sharpedgeroundcorner.jpg roundedgeroundcorner.jpg 

Rounded Corner

A corner is rounded when there is actually a curve cut into it.  This curve makes the corner even less sharp, but it is mostly for aesthetic purposes. 




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