How To Drill Holes In My Cutting Board

Drilling your board is easy with these simple steps!

First, make sure that you have your old cutting board, your new un-drilled cutting board, and your tools.

Tools You'll Need:

  • drill
  • 1/2" drill bit
  • clamp
  • marker
  • safety goggles

After you make sure you have all of this - make sure your safety goggles are on before you begin!

1. Do your old boards holes not go all the way through?

If you realize that your old boards holes are not all the way through, you can drill them all the way through with your drill and drill bit so that you can make sure that the holes are in the correct place on your new board.  

2. Place your new board on the surface which you will be drilling on.  Then place your old board directly on top of your new board - making sure that you align them correctly.

3. Clamp the boards down once aligned and mark with your marker.  

4. Drill the beginnings of your holes while the old board sits on top.

5. You can move the old board to the side and clamp your new board down again to finish up the holes.

6.  Make sure you sanitize your new board before you use them!