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Richlite has been used for years in the aerospace inudstry, marine industry and outdoor sports industry.  It is very durable, will last years, and looks like wood but has some features that make it WAY better than wood! 

Stain Resistant

Generally speaking, Richlite will resists stains very well. As with any material, there always is a chance for some staining, particularly from dark liquids such as wine and juices, if left in contact for prolonged periods of time. Spills and light stains generally can be cleaned with soap and warm water. Scrubbing with a soft bristle brush is also an option. If a stain is stubborn, the material can be repaired sometimes by doing a light refinishing.  

Scratch Resistant

Richlite is much harder than wood but can still scratch or be gourged if enough force is used. (Richilte is strong but its not indestructible).  Richlite is a solid color all the way through, which means if a scratch does occur there will be no difference in the color!  Remember that many cuts, scratches and nicks can be repaired with a light refinishing. 

Heat Resistant - Bring on the hot pots and pans!

Richlite is heat resistant up to 350º F. Due to its high heat resistance, the material does not need additional protection near stove areas.  

Sanitary - Keep germs away, keep customers healthy and happy!

Richlite is recognized for its sanitary performance in high profile commercial kitchens. The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) sets standards for food service-related products.  The NSF has certified Richlite to be used as a cutting board and come in direct contact with food.  Richlite has an impervious surface which keeps bacteria a bay! 

Care and Maintenance

A simple wipe up with a damp sponge on a regular basis will maintain its beauty. Murphy’s Oil soap can also be applied at full strength for regular maintenance. Alkaline soap such as regular dish soap will gradually dull the surface, this usually occurs around the sink area. Howards Naturals Wood Cleaner and Polish will slightly renew the luster if used on a regular basis.

Removing Stubborn Stains - Try a nonabrasive household cleaner. Avoid using bleach products or abrasive cleaners. Plain yogurt can be used to pull stains from lighter colored material.

Stain resistant limitations - Richlite countertops are stain resistant to nearly all kitchen related substances with the exception of some raw meat juice (such as liver), high-alkaline fruit or vegetables (such as papaya and red beet), and high-alkaline soaps (such as automatic dishwasher powder and oven cleaners) when left in contact for a prolonged time.


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